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Campbell Wild
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11 October 2011

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The gaming industry is a fast developing one these days and animation software are a must have for today’s youth. Those involved in graphic designing and creating other kinds of virtual games need it that too efficiently. Interactive fiction is a mode where the main character or the protagonist is controlled by the user or the player. It gives a player the impression that he/she is in control of everything and gamers discover many things as the story unfolds and mysteries unravel. To solve all queries at once and resolve the need for today’s youth, ADRIFT 5.0.21 is the perfect tool. It is a game making software that allows a user to user to create fictional games very quickly while maximizing output. A creator can thus concentrate on the story line of the game as everything becomes easy.

ADRIFT 5.0.21 is a Windows based powerful tool and a game coder can concentrate on the storyline and characters by making coding easy. Options are available in drop down lists and thus a coder does not have to worry about complex game coding. Games in ADRIFT 5.0.21 are created by adding locations, mysteries, plots and storyline sequences. Thus everything is grouped in a logical manner. ADRIFT Runner, basically, is the software that is used for playing games. As of now, it is compatible with Microsoft and Linux, however there are plans to make it compatible with Mac as well. This will increase its popularity as many people in the gaming and animation industry prefer using a Mac to other systems. The product has an in-built map which shows a player’s movement simultaneously. This map can be adjusted by a user to allow different points of view. ADRIFT Runner is also a free program.

All in all, looking at all its functionalities and features, it is safe to say that the product, by no means, deserves a score any less than four and a half rating points.

Publisher's description

ADRIFT Developer is a Windows application that allows you to create complex interactive fiction games quickly and easily. It allows you to concentrate on the story by making everything else easy, such as having all options available in dropdown lists, rather than you having to spend a lot of time just trying to figure out how to code the game. Games in ADRIFT are created by adding locations, objects, characters and tasks. These can be organised into folders, allowing you to group things together in a logical manner. Layouts can be created quickly and easily using the 3D map, allowing you to drag, rotate, resize and manipulate rooms to fit your requirements.
Version 5.0.21
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